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Professor Walter Lewin engages his students in lively discussion and demonstrates the laws of physics through experiments and demonstrations. He explains the period of the pendulum is independent of amplitude and mass, and demonstrates the conservation of energy by dropping a tennis ball and hanging on the pendulum. He also demonstrates Rayleigh and Mie scattering with a cigarette and sulfuric acid, and answers questions from the audience on pi, the green flash, and looking at the sun. He encourages students to pursue physics only if they love it.

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This lecture covers the importance of studying the brain in order to understand ourselves and advance Artificial Intelligence (AI). It discusses the progress that has been made in the field of cognitive science in the past 20 years, such as the use of deep nets on the ImageNet database, and the implications for computer science, cognitive science, and neuroscience. It also covers topics such as navigation, visual perception, language, understanding numbers, perceiving speech and music, and understanding other people and their minds.

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